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Nutrition Services

Lauren is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach. She offers a variety of services that aim to help you reach your goals!

Basic Nutrition Coaching

For individuals that are not experiencing undesirable symptoms with their health and have goals to improve their body composition via diet and lifestyle changes. Lauren takes a client-centered approach with her coaching and meets everyone where they are at. As such, each client will have a different plan of action and set of recommendations to meet their goals based upon details such as current lifestyle and nutrition history.

One-on-One Nutritional Therapy

In depth assessment including an Initial Interview Questionnaire, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, and Food and Mood Journal.  Amount and frequency of follow-up visits are subject to individual needs and severity of symptoms. However, the typical recommended follow-up amount is every 4-8 weeks. After analyzing your paperwork, Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations will be provided along with Supplementation recommendations if necessary. 

Grocery Store Tour with Food Label Explanation 

Learn where to shop, how to navigate the aisles, what to avoid, and what to purchase for your goals. Pair this with a pantry clean out for optimal success! 

In-Home (or virtual) Pantry Clean Out

 I will help you go through your pantry/kitchen and remove the foods that provide challenges to your health journey (in a completely non-judgmental way). We will also take a trip to the grocery store to restock your pantry/kitchen with healthy alternatives to what we agreed to discard. Set yourself up for success by learning what to keep and what to toss. Great for those with newly-discovered food allergies, or those that are very new to the world of nutrition. 

Kitchen Basics

With many years of Culinary Arts studies under her belt, Lauren will teach you basic cooking skills and best tools to have on hand so you can be confident in prepping healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your family.

Corporate Wellness

Increase employee well-being, motivation, productivity, energy, and overall health. Seminars are typically 60-90 minutes including Q&A. Option to include Individual Employee Nutrition Consultations as well.

Macronutrient Calculation and Planning

For individuals already familiar with the basics of nutrition and a solid foundation of health. Best for those looking for improved body composition, wanting to excel their athletic performance, or are simply ready to take their nutrition to the next level of discipline and commitment. 

Group Challenges

Periodic health and lifestyle community challenges that offer support, accountability, and a great way to introduce yourself to the world of a healthy lifestyle.

Hike and Health Talks

Get outside and experience the beauty of our Virgin Islands with an NTP and other members of your community, where we will discuss nutrition, health, and life.  Be sure to follow our social media accounts as we will announce our future hiking dates there.

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Ready to take the next step towards optimal health?

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