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Most times navigating the nutrition realm seems like an insurmountable amount of reading, digesting, attempting and ultimately falling short when it comes to what your original intentions were in searching. These days anyone can post anything on the web without any formal training in nutrition, let alone appropriate training as a healthcare professional aimed at giving advice.

So how do you navigate the world of nutrition and how do you start to see the results that you want when it comes to nutrition? It’s really quite simple!

I myself have tried it all. I've counted every macro consumed, ate 8 times a day, severity restricted my carbs to put my body into ketosis, did extended fasts, did intermittent fasting, ate nothing but potatoes and at one point in time I even said screw it and ate what I wanted just to see if there was a change in my body composition.

What I found was interesting…

I found that no matter what I did, as long as I stayed focused on my goal, I maintained my current “healthy” body weight. Now what you're probably thinking is “well I bet you exercise 10-14 hours a week to make up for the diet” and that can’t be farther from the truth. I exercise 6-7 hours per week with at least 1 hour of active recovery built in.

The truth is you can’t out exercise a bad diet!

So let’s get to the point and give you some of my personal tips on how to master “Your Diet”:

1 - Pick a plan and stick to it; Don’t fluctuate from one plan to another or even worry about what Joe Schmoe said. Everyone thinks they are doing it right but what's right for them might not be what’s right for you.

2 - Pick a time frame or schedule for your diet; I for one follow a 8 hour eating schedule consuming my meals between 12pm and 8pm everyday. This gives my body enough time to rest between meals and feel energized in the morning for my workouts. Pick a schedule and stick to it.

3 - Limit your consumption of non-perishable items; Most of these items are located in the middle aisles of the store and consist of boxed foods full of preservatives. A healthy diet consists of whole foods not items with extended shelf lives.

4 - Stay hydrated; You can curb thoughts of hunger by just consuming water. Most adults under consume water and over consume sugary beverages. Buy yourself a refillable water jug and make it a goal to drink X number of bottles per day.

5 - Cut sugar; If you are failing with your diet you are likely in some shape or form consuming to much sugar. Whether it comes from drinks, snacks or your meals it is time to change. Sugar has a profound effect on the brain and other organs. Do yourself a favor and START HERE!

6 - Fad diets work short term; What I have collected from past clients and current research is that very rarely is weight lost on a fad diet maintained. Dieting for 8, 12 or 16 weeks at a time is not sustainable. Do whats right and make a lifestyle change. You can set goals with time frames but how you eat should be sustainable FOREVER!

7 - Reach out; If you have any specific questions about my diet and how I have perfectly married my diet and exercise routines just email me @

Hope this helped!

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